Bluegrass Festivals

Great Bluegrass Festivals in North Carolina

A Passion for Bluegrass

Why should everyone attend a bluegrass festival at least once? Bluegrass music has a special kind of sound that creates a feeling unlike any other genre of music. Inspired by the real lives of people in rural America, bluegrass conveys passion and excitement, as well as personal stories and deep emotion. People of all different ages, races, genders, and backgrounds enjoy and love bluegrass music. This is why bluegrass festivals are some of the friendliest music events in the country. People from all walks are brought together to enjoy high energy music in a fun and festive environment. Don’t miss out on a huge part of North Carolina’s mountain heritage! Buy a ticket to the next bluegrass festival.

Western North Carolina Bluegrass Festivals 

There are a wide variety of bluegrass festivals in Western North Carolina. Many of them also feature related music genres such as old time, blues, gospel, and Americana. Some of the most popular and well-known bluegrass festivals in WNC include:

In addition to bluegrass festivals and conventions you will also find jam sessions, concerts, and bluegrass music classes throughout the region. Explore our Blue Ridge Music Trails interactive map and calendar to find out more about bluegrass music events throughout WNC.

You can also purchase The Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina guidebook. Here you can read about bluegrass history and bluegrass musicians in Western North Carolina and learn about some of the area’s best annual bluegrass festivals, conventions, and other events.

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