What Are the Blue Ridge Music Trails?

What Are the Blue Ridge Music Trails?

Episode Description

Throughout this series, we’ve invited you to journey down the road with us on the highways and byways that make up the Blue Ridge Music Trails. But just what and where are these roads that we’re traveling? The music of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains includes old-time string band music and bluegrass, blues, ballads, and gospel traditions, and the ancient songs and instrumental music of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians. The Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina brings recognition to hundreds of traditional music venue and event held year-round  in Western North Carolina.

The Podcast

The "Down the Road on the Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina" podcast highlights bluegrass and old-time music stories, performers, and traditions across the mountain and foothills counties of Western North Carolina. Hosted by Laura Boosinger and produced by Kim Clark of WNCW-FM, the podcast is a joint effort of the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, the North Carolina Arts CouncilWNCW-FM, and the American roots music journal No Depression.

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