WKBC Hometown Opry at the Main Street Music and Loan

A sign on the outside of a windowless one-story building in North Wilkesboro proclaims it to be the home of the WKBC Hometown Opry. This building houses the Main Street Music and Loan Company, a pawnshop that's also a lively Wilkes County musical institution.

Main Street Music and Loan isn't a large place—there's room for fewer than one hundred folks—but when you watch the Hometown Opry on a local TV station, you can see it draws a very respectable audience. After the show, which happens the second Friday of each month at 7 am, there are lots of places in town to grab some breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Location Type

  • Music Store
  • Radio

Contact Info

Address 302 Main Street
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
Phone (336) 667-2274
Email Ed@wkbcradio.com

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