Si Kahn & Saro Lynch-Thomason

Appalachian ballad singer, folklorist, and activist Saro Lynch-Thomason joins forces with Charlotte's own folk musician, civil rights leader, and labor and community organizer Si Kahn for this special performance. Folk music has always been the music of the people, often serving as a tool of social activism. Kahn and Lynch-Thomason, who come from very different generations and backgrounds, are united by their belief that songs can change minds and lives. The duo will lift up their voices together here at Davidson.

Event Details

Location Tyler-Tallman Hall, Sloan Music Center
Davidson, NC
Cost Ticketed/Admission Charged
$4.66 to $13.99. Pricing options for Students, Adult, Seniors, Faculty, Staff.
Music Styles Ballad Singing
Event Type Concert / Performance
  • ✔ Can Accommodate Groups
  • ✔ Family Friendly
  • ✔ Handicapped Accessible

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Email (704) 894-2135

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