Charlie Poole Music Festival

This festival celebrates the life and music of Charlie Poole, one of the first rural southern artists to enjoy widespread commercial success as a recording artist during the “hillbilly” music craze of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Poole’s distinctive banjo playing and his image as a fast-living, hard-drinking songster continues to influence old-time, bluegrass, country, and Americana musicians well into the twenty-first century. A Friday evening concert kicks off the festival weekend spotlighting old-time and bluegrass music. Music competitions occur throughout Saturday afternoon and into the early evening. Food and craft vendors are on-site during the festival, and there’s a special activities area for children. Occasional extemporaneous jam sessions occur near the edges of the festival grounds, and festival-goers can listen or join in the fun.

Event Details

Location Governor Morehead Park
Eden, NC
Cost Ticketed/Admission Charged
$15 to $30 for evening to weekend packages, visit website for details.
Music Styles Ballad Singing
Early Country Music
Shaped-Note Singing
Event Type Festival, Jam Session, Workshop / Class / Demonstration
  • ✔ Can Accommodate Groups
  • ✔ Dancers Welcome
  • ✔ Family Friendly
  • ✔ Food Service
  • ✔ Handicapped Accessible
  • ✔ Open Jam

Contact Info

Phone (336) 623-1043

Upcoming Dates: